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Home Inspections Pre-Sale


Seller Home Inspections

Why it is advisable for you the Seller to get inspections. Because you do not want any surprises after you have accepted an offer and are in escrow. You want to know what is wrong with the house and perhaps make the repairs prior to listing the home.

You also want to make the perspective buyers aware of issues that were found during the inspection prior to them making an offer so they don’t come back later and back out of the transaction because they were unaware of the issues called out in the inspection report.

At the very least get a pest inspection as this is critical for their buyer’s loan approval.  If the lender becomes aware of any Section 1 repairs are needed, they will require those repairs be complete prior to approving the buyer’s loan.

Just because you do an inspection doesn’t mean the buyer will accept your inspection reports. Buyers still have the right to do their own inspections, which are indicated on the Purchase Agreement.  This is a contingency to closing the sale. And their inspector may find other items in need of repair that were not listed on your report.



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